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Our devotion to food guided us to create, more than a decade ago, a restaurant based on seasonal and fresh ingredients that could also offer in an affordable way. We want to bring our own idea of cuisine closer to all those who love food as much as we do. We care about every ingredient, every detail of the table setting, every wine on our list, every member of our staff, every aspect that allows our guests to have a different and special food experience.

We are a young and dynamic team that believes in passion as the real driving force of creativity. Fernando Espuch, Executive Chef of Grupo Murri, started a project which is nowadays continued by Nanín Pérez, Chef of Murri Restaurant, who is only 26 years old but has already developed a honest and thoughtful menu where flavours play the primary role. David Rabasa defines our selected wine list and invites us to share his deep devotion to enology.